The Top 5 Things you Need to Know Before your Model Room/Renovation Project

Posted by Bill Lally on Sep 12, 2018 9:26:00 AM
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All successful guest room renovations start with a Model Room.  It can be tough to decide which pieces of technology are integral to a model room and which ones work together.  Below are 5 things to keep in mind when you start a hotel guest room construction project. Or Book Your Consultation

1. While the cost of these projects is daunting, there is a real opportunity to implement sustainability practices and capture an ROI. In most instances, incorporating an intelligent HVAC and lighting system can save a hotel tens of thousand of dollars per year with system ROI of 2-3 years. This coupled with local utility rebates makes this an absolute in any renovation or new build.


2. Beware of manufacturer descriptions. We hear from our hotel clients that manufacturer descriptions are unclear and therefore it is hard to compare vendor benefits. Mode:Green helps hoteliers with this process as we are the single source for all technology for model room build outs. Agnostic advice is crucial - identifying which products are best suited for a project and ensuring all systems work together properly.


 3. Renovations always involve multiple points of contact which can lead to miscommunications. When starting the process, it is best to work with an integrator.  What is an integrator? A person/company that acts as both the technology general contractor and the purchasing agent or ensure they have open lines of communication. With the rapid changes in technology, proper planning is key.


4. Check your local energy codes. While technology and automation has most often been implemented in the luxury markets, local energy codes are now mandating that all rooms have master switch lighting control. This can be a costly add if not planned for from the beginning. We can advise as to the proper systems and requirements to keep projects compliant and on budget.


 5. Modern guest rooms now includes motorized window treatments and LED lightbulbs. Proper coordination of the latest trends in technology in a model room project is a necessity. These items have typically been bought through the FF&E channel and that often leads to problems. Instead, they should be purchased through an integrator to ensure control system compatibility and proper dimming. More often than not, the shade motors only work by themselves, and the lamps in a room flicker or are the wrong color temperature. There are ways to solve these discrepancies.

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The goal is to help hoteliers simplify their technology projects. 

Mode:Green creates custom solutions tailored for each client. Hotels work with us because they want an end-to-end technology integrator to help with:
  • Automation
  • Audio/Video
  • Energy Management
  • Lighting Control
  • System Design



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