3 Ways Tech is Changing What is Bought Through FF&E

Posted by Jess Hayes on Jan 10, 2019 10:32:06 AM
Jess Hayes
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Bluetooth won’t connect, the shades won’t open, and the lights are flickering. The result is an ambiance that is more like a hospital than that of hospitality.  This is partly because Hotel Technology has changed drastically in the past several years, and so has the process and procurement. What has historically been bought through FF&E is becoming more and more complicated by the day. This is due to the following hotel tech trends:

  1. Guests are expecting to be able to use their own devices to access their own content
  2. LED lighting is still inconsistent and requires coordination between lighting design, fixture selection and dimming controls.
  3. Shading systems are often sourced through the purchasing agent and not coordinated with controls.

Mode:Green is an authorized AIA continuing education provider. We fill in the blanks MG filling in the blanks of hotel design and implementation, eliminating the silos and creating technology that works. We’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you on the ever-growing role of a controls consultant. We’ll even buy you lunch!

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The goal is to help hoteliers simplify their technology projects. 

Mode:Green creates custom solutions tailored for each client. Hotels work with us because they want an end-to-end technology integrator to help with:
  • Automation
  • Audio/Video
  • Energy Management
  • Lighting Control
  • System Design



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